iHcap FREE Handicapping, Scorecard & Pace-of-Play
Toolkit for your PC and SmartPhone.

Key Features

Introduction & Quickstart Guide (pdf)

Guide to Offline Mode

The International Golf Handicap & Certificate

Guide to The Handicapping Page

Guide to Online Scorecard

Guide to Pace-of-Play

Guide to StopWatch

The Pace-of-Play Rating Certificate


International HandicapUnique FREE service for golfers worldwide,
particularly those outside the jurisdiction
of the official handicapping systems.
The ideal handicap for the Society, occasional,
nomad & social golfer.
Online ScorecardCalculates Stableford points or MatchPlay status, both
hole-by-hole & cumulatively, for up to 4 players. On
Game Over, calculates Nett scores & iHandicap
achieved by all golfers.
Global DatabaseBehind the functionality of the service lies
a global database of scorecard information
including course yardages, par & stroke
index for each hole/tee/course included.
Coverage is already very extensive for
Australia, Canada, UK & Ireland and USA.
Coverage continues to expand at a pace.
Offline ModeEnables use when no signal available OR
when signal turned off to comply with
course etiquette.
Dynamic HandicappingInnovative feature for Online Scorecard users,
indicating approximate handicap achieved for
holes played, starting at 4th hole played.
Pace-of-PlayAlert on Game Over PLUS detailed Pace-of-Play
report available on request at any time.
Rating CertificateBased on our Global Database information, lists
the theoretical time required for the continuous
play of each hole for each Tee/Course (& Totals them).
StopWatchPermits logging of interruptions to play, enabling
accurate & realistic Pace-of-Play reporting.
Coaching LinksWhile waiting for resumption of play, benefit
by instruction from Ben Hogan OR consult
USGA and R&A policies on Pace-of-Play.
iHandicap eCertificateHandy extra for the iHandicap. Acceptable at
many courses as a measure of playing ability.
Handicap System
(For PCs only)
Another unique FREE global service for groups of
golfers - designed for the typical Society golfer
& administrator. In addition to usual Reports,
permits extra handicap reductions for event
winners & matching increases for strugglers.
To access, click on SONGU.
For HandicappersA useful tool for assessing scores for initial
handicap allocation.
For Course Owners
& Managers
An innovative aid to speeding play by helping
to collect data on Pace-of-Play. A source of
extra income through sharing of advertising
revenue generated.
For Advertisers
( only)
Opportunity to advertise on the online scorecard
of local golf courses at competitive rates. See it
working on European & North American courses.

USER GUIDE - Offline Mode

Before losing or turning off your signal, select the Home/Start Page
for the course(s) you intend to play THEN, from the Menu, select
"Add Shortcut to Home". This commits to local cache memory all
the course data needed to run with the iHandicap software that is
already there. Now, when your signal is killed, the App can be
accessed from your Home Page and run normally.

The International Golf Handicap & Certificate

As your round progresses (from 4th hole played) & you record scores
for Player A, the Dynamic Handicapping function updates it's forecast of the
Handicap you are performing to (on the iHcap line).
At close of play, you can either click on RESET to accept this assessment of
your play OR, only if you have completed 18 holes, click on GAME OVER to invoke
the "18 Hole" Handicapping algorithm.
The latter will cause your revised International Golf Handicap to be displayed.

For either case, your International Golf Handicap Certificate
can be displayed by returning to OUR Home page and clicking on

USER GUIDE - The Handicapping Page

Course Yardage, Par & Index fields are preset for the Regular tees
(usually Yellow) for your selected course. Simply click on the appropriate
radio button for other tees - usually White for Medal & Red for
Ladies. You can change these for use with other courses.
BEWARE - METERS need to be converted to YARDS
Replace preset or old 'scores' with those from your scorecard - using
0 for scores of 10 or over
Click on the appropriate CALCULATE HANDICAP button for
Men/Women to calculate your International Golf Handicap
Repeat Steps 2 & 3 for each player who you want to handicap against
the same course details
IF the modified scorecard is that which you use most THEN click on
SAVE SCORECARD DATA to file it. This data can then be reloaded
at the beginning of each handicapping session that you run.
NOTE: This feature uses the 'cookie' function - although NO personal
data is stored
For Stableford Points:
Ensure Steps 1 & 2 have been completed. Ensure that a valid
handicap is entered (max = 54) in the Handicap field.
Your Personal Best:
Can be saved as you improve, and displayed as required.
NOTE: This feature also uses the 'cookie' function - again,
NO personal data is stored
Your Handicap Certificate:
Complete as many fields as possible & click on PLEASE DISPLAY.
Can be used as an eHandicap or printed off

USER GUIDE - Scorecard Pages

From the Home/Start page, select a tee option (Championship, Medal,
Regular or Ladies) before clicking the STROKE or MATCH play button
Enter the Names & Handicaps of your players - leaving Names
'blank' where not required (to enable autoskip to work properly)
On completing each hole, simply enter scores achieved - entering 0 for
scores of 10 or higher
NOTE: how Stableford/Match results are added, cumulative results
updated & Dynamic Handicaps calculated after 4 holes played
On round completion, update Yardage if incorrect THEN click on
GAME OVER to calculate your Gross & Nett scores and the iHandicap
achieved by each player (replacing the ongoing Dynamic Handicap
Click on this button to show a printable scorecard for signature, etc.
This report can be shared with another User or Device (particularly a
web-enabled printer or printer attached to a PC)
This button allows you to reset scores, points, etc for your next
round or assessment
This button allows you a short time to reverse the reset if clicked
in error or in haste

USER GUIDE - Pace-of-Play Pages

From the Scorecard page, click on the REVIEW PACE-of-PLAY button.
Resulting EDIT page should be used to update Start Time if incorrect,
wrong timings caused by an earlier Order of Play error OR anthing else
of a basic nature
Click on PACE-of-PLAY REPORT to see how quick you were OR,
more likely, how slow the group were that held you up !! This can be shared
with another User or Device
Congratulations - you beat the time control for the hole OR for holes
played so far
Nice try - you were within a minute of beating it OR within 30 seconds
per hole to this point
Sorry - you failed to achieve a time control OR, more likely, a group
ahead did and should be made to polish your shoes & clubs before
confinement at a Snail Farm !!

USER GUIDE - StopWatch Page

This feature allows you to log any & every interruption
to the continuous flow of your game

From the Scorecard page, click on the STOPWATCH button.
Select the appropriate Assignment/Action pair from the radio
buttons displayed.
Click on COMPLETE THIS ACTION button to time & log the action
and return you to the Scorecard OR click on IGNORE ACTION.
Pace of Play Report:
Later reports will deduct these periods from elapsed times to give
a more useful report of your Pace-of-Play - ie. highlighting what
you would otherwise have achieved !!
Intermediate Report:
Shows your Pace-of-Play up to the last hole completed.
Online Coaching:
Links to the 5 famous articles by Ben Hogan in
Golf Illustrated magazine and later his acclaimed book
"The Modern Fundamentals of Golf".

USER GUIDE - The Pace-of-Play Rating Certificate

To display, simply click first on SUBMIT then GO TO RATING PAGE.

For each tee/course, the certificate lists the theoretical
time required to play each hole (based on its Par, Stroke Index &
its share of the course length) given uninterrupted play for the typical
groups of player who use them. The Totals exclude the time required for
long walks between holes & waits at bottlenecks, etc.

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